Kuo maitinti papūgą?

Kuo maitinti papūgą?

A little more, and the most magical night of the year will come! While you are preparing gifts for your loved ones, do not forget about your beloved pet. He deserves magic too! What to give a parrot for the New Year? The most appetizing ideas in our article.

You can give your favorite parrot a new cage, a toy or a mineral stone. But when it comes to really win-win gifts, goodies are the best idea. Not a single pet will remain indifferent to the treat!

What treats to choose for a parrot as a New Year’s gift? First of all, it should be healthy treats designed specifically for parrots. In no case do not “spoil” your pet with food from the table. Otherwise, instead of pleasant experiences, you risk giving your pet a serious digestive upset, in the worst case, even poisoning.

The second requirement for a gift is originality. New Year is a special holiday, and the gift should be special. It is not interesting to give the usual grain delicacies, you want to introduce your pet to a new, original taste. We offer 5 appetizing ideas!

Kuo maitinti papūgą?

  • Treat with nuts (eg Exotic Nuts from VERSELE-LAGA). A vitamin cocktail made from grains and seeds is healthy, but mundane. What if you add selected whole nuts to the mixture? No parrot can resist!

  • Sticks for parrots with kiwi (Fiory). An exotic pleasure for true connoisseurs of haute cuisine. The pleasant aroma of kiwi will definitely attract the bird, and the safflower in the feed will improve digestion and make the color of the pet even more saturated!

  • Egg sticks. Some birds will not be surprised by fruits, but hearty treats will be a valuable find for them. An egg stick is not only a rich taste, but also a storehouse of vitamins for your pet.

  • Biscuits with honey (Fiory Biscottelli). Delicious honey cookies made especially for birds – this delicacy is impossible to refuse! Perhaps the best choice for an edible Christmas present. By the way, not only very tasty, but also good for digestion.

  • Biscuits with apple. Another version of the “cookie”, this time with an apple. The original fresh scent will remind your pet of warm summer days!

Kuo maitinti papūgą?

Tell me, which of the following delicacies are you already familiar with? Which ones do your birds like best?

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